Freddy C. Spinach

Chef Hansel's Small Eats & Appetizers

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Also in Chef Hansel's Small Eats & Appetizers

Angel Squid


Cubano Squid Chopitos. Chopped tubes and tentacles dredged in a lemon garlic corn flour, tossed in sea salt, parmesan and citrus bath. Roasted garlic red sauce and a Cilantro Mojo sauce (16)



Apricot and aged balsamic glazed "Missouri Beef" steak tips, red onions, Provel cheese bread (18)

Carlee Tuna

8oz salt block blackened rare Ahi Tuna, sliced thin topped with a chili pistachio crumble. Spicy Garlic Aioli. (full 23)(half 15)


Brie, goat cheese, onion, roasted garlic & apple butter puff pastry. Balsamic & peppercorn supreme, chicken & prosciutto. Parmesan crisp & apple slices. (Full 18 | Half 13)