King Brian

Heart Healthy/Mediterranean

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Also in Heart Healthy/Mediterranean

Martino Tuna

Poke' style Ahi tuna, marinated with citrus and coconut aminos (low sodium), and olive oil seared. Topped with a blackened orange and cucumber salsa. (Full 23 | Half 15)

Dr. Bala Chicken Spiedini

Red Curry chicken tenderloins dredged in bread crumbs finished on the grill. Caprese Romas and Buffalo Mozzarella. (28)

Son of Rexy!

Spicy garlic "Missouri Beef" steak tips on red bell pepper nacho chips. (18) *KETO*

Kara's Lil Mis Steak

Two Petite 4oz roasted garlic butter seared tenderloins. Bleu cheese torched and topped with chilled crab. Bearnaise broccoli and asparagus. (Full 38 | Half 25) *KETO*