Martino Tuna

Heart Healthy/Mediterranean

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Also in Heart Healthy/Mediterranean

Dr. Bala Chicken Spiedini

Red Curry chicken tenderloins dredged in bread crumbs finished on the grill. Caprese Romas and Buffalo Mozzarella. (28)

King Brian

Grilled 6 oz Norwegian Salmon served with steamed broccoli and asparagus. (28)

Son of Rexy!

Spicy garlic "Missouri Beef" steak tips on red bell pepper nacho chips. (18) *KETO*

Kara's Lil Mis Steak

Two Petite 4oz roasted garlic butter seared tenderloins. Bleu cheese torched and topped with chilled crab. Bearnaise broccoli and asparagus. (Full 38 | Half 25) *KETO*