Thompson Tenderloin

Chef Austin's Grill

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Also in Chef Austin's Grill

McConville Cut


Brown butter and black pepper cast iron seared 10oz filet finished with a bourbon demi. Caramelized sweet red onion (68)

Mikey Strip

Everything but the Kitchen sink marinated New York Strip grill finished. (16 ounce 48) (8 ounce 28)

Ahearn Wet & Dry Ribeye


30 day wet aged and 30 day dry aged Circle M Ranch Ribeye from Monnet MO. Seasoned and grilled to 145 degrees, sea salt and cracked pepper melange finished. (18 ounce 68)

Leake Pork Chop


Marsala wine and apple cider braised Newman Farms Berkshire porterhouse chop from Myrtle MO, black pepper encrusted, cast iron finished. (29)