Young Chicken

Cattle, Fish, Foul, Swine, and Wool

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Also in Cattle, Fish, Foul, Swine, and Wool

McConnville Cut

Brown butter and black pepper cast iron seared 10oz filet finished with a bourbon demi and balsamic caramelized shallots (58)

Youngblood NY Strip

Pecan wood smoked New York Strip finished on the grilled topped with sautéed onion. Asiago, bacon and portobello ragout (12 oz - 34)

Gordon K. Salmon

Panko crusted cold water Canadian salmon finished with a toasted pumpkin seed piccata, grilled heirloom tomato plate (Half 28 | Full 41)

Gracie Tuna

Sea salt seared rare Ahi tuna, topped with a street corn and sea scallop ceviche. Jicama fry garnish (Half 31 | Full 39)